Saving Gidget
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Empty Cages Collective volunteers are confronted daily with this culture's exploitation and abuse of other animals. However, we are also inspired by the resilience and beauty of animals who escape terrible situations to a find a place in a world where they are no longer bombarded with human inflicted suffering and a looming premature death. Gidget is one of the many beings who reminds us of why we work so hard to help animals victimized by human indifference, cruelty, greed, and callousness.

Gidget, a proud red hen, escaped a live poultry market - through luck or purposeful action - in Brooklyn with one of her fellows. Live poultry markets (video of one of NYC's markets can be seen here) are places scattered all over the five boroughs where chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and other animals live in intensive confinement before being brutally slaughtered for human consumption.

In any case, the escape of Gidget and her friend was most likely the first time either of them were able to spread their wings, move about freely, and forage (with difficulty) for food. Unfortunately, freedom was short lived for Gidget's friend as she was soon hit by a car and killed. Luckily for Gidget, a kind man took her into his yard to avoid her meeting a similar fate and kept her there until he could find somewhere safe for her to go. Eventually, the man contacted Empty Cages Collective and asked for our assistance.

For several weeks, Gidget lived at our shelter space - enjoying treats of lettuce and kale and entertaining (and sometimes chasing) our adoptable cats and kittens. Eventually, a wonderful sanctuary called Coming Home Sanctuary stepped forward to provide a lifelong home for Gidget (now known as Rosie). Gidget is now strutting her stuff in the country, enjoying sunshine, dust bathing, and delicious greens as treats.

Please remember that most farmed animals aren't as lucky as Gidget and never get the opportunity to escape their abuse. The best way to take a stand against farmed animal abuse is to consume a plant based diet free of meat, dairy products or eggs.

Gidget gets some fresh air at Coming Home Animal Sanctuary